Washer Extractor

Washer Extractor

Importance Of Washer Extractor

Washer extractor is the starting point of the process in your Laundry. Any washing load comes into your laundry first gets washed before it goes for the next process. So, it is very important that these washer extractors need to be strongly constructed for longer hours of operation. Also, the processing time also needs to be reduced as much as possible with correct washing chemistry, Mechanical action, water level etc…

How Our Washer Extractors Are Different?

Our washer extractors are designed based on the mechanical failures we have seen over the years in the International and local Brands. Most mechanical failures happen in the Bearings or Inner Basket or Frames. Our inner baskets are made of thicker material compared to other brands and completely welded construction. The bearings are oversized and the seals are of the best available quality.

What Is The Difference Between Washing Machine And Washer Extractor?

Washing machine is a basic machine with a rotating basket and a timer. The machine stops at the pre -set time or it can be stopped manually. Filling water, adding chemical, draining water has to be carried out manually. In such case an attendant is required to attend the machine continuously. For a standard washing cycle, at least 7 times an attendant’s intervention is required in a 30 minutes Cycle. The most important part, there is no extraction at the end of cycle to remove the water from the cloth. So, unloading the washed items is a laborious and a messy job.

There are two types of washing machine namely Belly type and Front-loading type. The front-loading type looks similar to a washer extractor but no extraction, it may also have a programmable controller depending on the price you are ready to pay. In both types the washed items with water is removed and taken in a trolley and again loaded on to a Hydro extractor which removes water from the washed items. So, you would require two machines to complete the wash process.

In case of washer extractors all the process is completed in one machine. Water filling to programmed level, adding desired chemical at the right time of the cycle, Draining the dirty water from the machine, Removing the water from the washed items at the end of the cycle are all completed automatically. This makes the Operators life easy and one operator can attend to few machines. Also, you would not require heavy duty skilled labor.

Most times if you add up the price of the Front-loading washing machine and the Hydro extractor it almost equals to the price of a washer extractor.

Return On Investment(ROI)

At Vellaifabs we focus on Improving your profit margin by saving Operational cost. Our machines are designed to extract the maximum production from the energy Input. We strive our best to keep the Capital cost, Operational cost and Maintenance cost to the lowest possible so that your ROI is faster.

Ease Of Operation

Besides minimizing the operation cost, Safety, Ergonomics operation, Reliable construction, easily available spare parts and components supported by our Top-quality service backup will make you a winner in the Laundry Industry.

Our Experience To Your Advantage

Coming from almost 30 years of International Laundry Industry experience we had carefully designed and manufactured our equipment keeping the Capital investment to the lowest possible without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of the level of service you would need to provide to your clients. By choosing to work with us you would be way ahead of your competition.


We manufacture Washer Extractors from 12 Kg capacity Up to 100 Kg Capacity. Heating Options available are Electric and Steam. Electrical heating up to 60 Kg capacity.

Features And Benefits

Parts in contact with wet items are manufactured of Stainless steel 304 Grade, which helps in Rust free Basket for longer year. Material used are thicker for the inner basket compared to most manufacturers.
Drive system is made of reduction pulleys and of oversized belt size which helps in trouble free rotation at full load, eliminating the higher maintenance cost.
Like most brands we use single motor with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for running the motor at different speeds. Use of Good quality VFD results in reduction is peak current overall Electric power consumption.
G-Force of our washer extractors are 300-G’s. Based on various experiments conducted by many brands internationally, more than 300 G-s is not very beneficial in removing water from the washed items. Our experience also tells us higher G force damages old towels and old Bed sheets. So, a balance needs to be strike between G force and the age of the linen.
The bearings used are oversized and of the best International Brand. Seals are providing to retain grease in the bearing housing. Additional seals are given to avoid water getting into the bearings. The seals we use are capable of handling high temperature and longer life. On most models we use 3 numbers of bearings against 2 numbers by all other manufacturers.
Our Soft mount washer extractors are constructed with proven suspension system to eliminate the vibration transmission to the Installed floor. This enables our Soft mount washer extractors to be installed on a higher floor. A careful advice needs to be taken from the structural engineer while installing machines at a higher floor as Static load still needs to be handled by the floor.