About Us

Our Vision

To become the most prefered Laundry Equipment Manufacturer in India with extensive Equipment Range within next 5 Years.

Our Mission

Support India to Reduce the dependability on Imports of Laundry Equipment and Save Millions of Dollars of Currency Outflow by producing Internationally comparable quality Equipment.

Our Values

Reliability, Ease of Maintenance and Repair, Consistent Research and Development

About Us

Vellaifabs was started in India as an effort to put the innovative thoughts and designs in the laundry field into Laundry equipment. You would find few design improvements features that would result into increase in efficiency, reliability and most importantly Value for money you spend, in all of the Laundry equipment we manufacture. With around 30 years of experience in almost various areas of the laundry such as equipment design, manufacturing, Project design and execution for 7 star , 5 star hotels in the International market, Large Hospitals and High capacity commercial laundries in the International market, Maintenance and repair of various National and International Brands we have come across various challenges and found effective solutions for the same. These experiences are put into the design of our equipment for your benefit.

At Vellaifabs the designs are put into manufacturing utilizing the best available and rightly specified materials and manufacturing methods. The bought-out components are of the internationally renowned best brands selected based on the reliability.

Our experience is not just limited to the Laundry equipment but also in the peripheral fields such as Steam boilers, Steam and condensate piping works, Hot water generation, HVAC, Drainage systems, Compressed air lines, Civil works, laundry chemical etc. So, when you select to partner with us you will get overall support which will make the project execution a pleasant experience for all team members involved.

We do not just manufacture and supply laundry equipment but we provide hand holding support for the young and new business personnel to see through that their business succeeds. The earlier you get us involved in the project will help you in finding the right solution for the kind of business you would like to set up. There is no single solution available for any type of laundry. A solution which was proven successful in one area of the country may not be successful in another area. There are various external factors which will decide the type of Business model and also heating method, type of Laundry equipment, Laundry flow arrangements and process.

Many of you believe that buying the most expensive equipment will give you freedom from maintenance and breakdown. But the truth is whichever be the brand of laundry equipment will break down mainly due to improper installation and improper preventive maintenance. We understand the importance of correct installation methods and preventive maintenance. Our experienced and trained Installation and maintenance team will help you to prevent such situation.