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Operation Principle

Tumbler Dryers are mainly used for drying Towels or Garments in the hotel, hospital and commercial laundries. Sometimes bed sheets and Duvet covers are half dried before feeding into the Flatwork Ironer in order to improve the productivity of a Flatwork Ironer. Heated air passes through the wet towels loaded in the rotating basket which picks up the water particles from wet towels and causing the towels to dry completely. Even though heating options of Gas, steam and Electric are available, Gas is the most efficient, since gas heating provides instant hot air compared to the slower air heating in other heating methods. If the laundry already has a sufficiently sized steam boiler then it is wise to choose a steam heated Tumbler Dryer. Please be aware when adding a steam heated Tumbler dryer in your existing laundry. Make sure a detailed study is conducted to find out enough spare steam is available so you don’t hamper the efficiency of all other equipment installed in the laundry. We can help you in doing a detailed study to find out the extra steam available or we could suggest you in operation planning to achieve your goal.

Why Use Tumbler Dryer When Sun Dry Is Available?

Sun drying towels make the towel really rough and the hotel customers does not get a fluffy and soft towel. Rough towel causes itchy feeling on the skin while rubbing and does not leave a good experience with the customers. Also, it is not possible to sun dry heavy loads of towels which is time and Labor consuming. However, drying in the Tumbler dryer keeps the towel soft, avoids over drying, completes the work faster. On a rainy day you have no other option than the Tumbler dryer. Sun drying is probably the best option when you want to dry starched garments prior to ironing.

Sizing The Tumble Dryers

Selecting the correct total capacity of the Tumble dryers and individual Tumbler dryer capacity is a tricky exercise. There is no one solution fits all option is available for size selection. Tumbler dryers are cheaper to buy in comparison to the washer extractor or a flatwork ironer. However, Tumbler dryers consume more heat energy in the laundry compared to any other machine in terms of the heat energy spent vs output achieved. So, it is wise to just over size around 10-20% more than the exact requirement. As I mentioned earlier on size does not fit all, hence a careful and detailed study needs to be conducted to provide the best solution for your laundry. We will happy to assist you in striking the balance between productivity, energy consumption and capital investment. Low G- force washer extractors leave more water in the towels hence you would require higher capacity dryers or longer drying time. It is advisable to chose High G-Force washer extractors over low G-force washer extractors. You would need to strike a balance between G-force and Towel life. More G-force on old towels may damage the towels.

Loading The Tumble Dryers

Many customers are confused with the loading of the Drying Tumblers, they are not sure the capacity of the dryer is the wet weight of the towel or dry weight of the towel? The Tumbler dryer capacity is based on the DRY weight of the towel. The volume of the dryer drum is loaded based on 1:20 ratio. Under loading the dryer may result in quicker drying but loss of heat energy as well. The heated air escapes thro the empty space in the drum without doing any effective work. However, over loading will result in improper untangling of the towels and cause certain portions of the towel stuck inside not fully dried. Hence correct loading is really important in achieving productivity with energy saving.

One Direction Or Double Direction

Smaller capacity Tumbler dryer are available in both single rotation direction or double rotation direction. But bigger capacities are always available in double direction ie forward and Reverse which is called Reversing Drum. Reversing drums removes entangling of the towels inside the basket and helps in faster and complete drying of the towels. Whereas single direction baskets are good for smaller capacities where capital cost is a real constraint.

Return On Investment (ROI)

At Vellaifabs we focus on Improving your profit margin by saving Operational cost. Our machines are designed to extract the maximum production from the energy Input. We strive our best to keep the Capital cost, Operational cost and Maintenance cost to the lowest possible so that your ROI is faster.

Ease Of Operation:

Besides minimizing the operation cost, Safety, Ergonomics operation, Reliable construction, easily available spare parts and components supported by our Top-quality service backup will make you a winner in the Laundry Industry.

Our Experience To Your Advantage

Coming from more than 30 years of International Laundry Industry experience we had carefully designed and manufactured our equipment keeping the Capital investment to the lowest possible without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of the level of service you would need to provide to your clients. By choosing to work with us you would be way ahead of your competition.


We manufacture Tumble Dryers from 12 Kg capacity Up to 200 Kg Capacity. Heating Options available are Gas and Steam in all the Range, Electrical heating up to 60 Kg capacity.

Features And Benifits

Parts in contact with wet items are manufactured of Galvanized steel or Stainless steel, which helps in Rust free Basket for longer year.
Drive system is made of reduction pulleys of oversized belt size which helps in trouble free rotation at full load, eliminating the higher maintenance cost.
Blower wheel is directly driven by the motor without any intermediate shaft which helps in consistent performance combined with lower maintenance cost.

Heating system is carefully designed to save each and every drop of heat energy input. On the steam heated dryers, the heat exchanger is designed with special steam chamber instead of “U” bend copper pipes. This feature avoids frequent puncture in the steam heat exchanger. Our steam heat exchanger is positioned effectively to transfer maximum heat from the steam to air for best drying results. Our gas heated dryers utilize minimum fuel to produce maximum heat thus achieving faster drying at optimized fuel consumption. Gas dryers are designed with safety features so the firing cycle does not start if the safety conditions are not met.