Saree Roll Polishing

Saree Roll Polishing

What Do You Mean By Saree Roll Polishing?

There are Three process being done on a saree is called Saree Roll polishing.

• Cleaning the Saree

• Starching the saree

• Ironing the saree

Is There A Machine Which Can Do All The Above 3 Process In One Machine?


Cleaning is generally done on a Dry-cleaning machine. The solvent used for dry cleaning is White petrol or Perc or Hydrocarbon. Out of which the white petrol is widely used in India due the cheaper price, however white petrol leaves an un pleasant smell on the Saree. Perc is being banned in most of the countries but not in India Yet, which is the best dry-cleaning solvent we ever had. Hydrocarbon is an expensive and less polluting solvent, however the results on medium to heavy dirty saree is not that great. It is fine for light soiled sarees.

Starching can be done on the machine itself if the customer needs light starch. There is a problem when you do starch and ironing on the machine, the starch tends to stick on the hot ironing surface and leaving less starch on the saree and more on the hot surface. When you need heavy starch on the saree there is no other option than applying manual starch.

Ironing the saree is done either manually or in a roller ironing machine. When you iron manually you would need to use a heavy Electric heated or coal heated Iron. Ironing manually is a time-consuming process and it takes 15 to 20 minutes per saree on an average to provide a reasonably good finish. However, when you iron the saree on a Vellaifabs. Roller it is done in less than a minute and most important with a perfect finish.

Do We Recommend Starching On The Machine?

When you starch on the machine the starch is sprayed thro a nozzle which moves left and right across the saree width. In order to spray through the nozzle, the starch needs to be diluted to nearly like water. It is probably ok in a new saree manufacturing factory. However, when a customer gives used saree for roll polish, they expect it to be stiff. Hence you need to apply thick starch on the saree which is only possible manually. If you apply thick starch thro the nozzle on the machine the nozzle easily gets blocked. Not only that, the starch builds up on the heated surface over a period of time, makes the heating surface less efficient in transferring the heat. Over a period of time Ironing quality and productivity also deteriorates. So, if you need a happy customer there is no short cut, you need to spend time in doing manual starch.

How Is Manual Saree Roll Polishing Done?

Manual roll polishing is done by applying starch manually and then spreading and stretching the saree to the full length and width using many wooden fixtures. Once stretched it is let dry in the sun. Another method is tightly rolling on the wooden blank and let it dry in the sun. Each method requires special wooden fixtures and two to three skilled man power. It is also time-consuming process. If you are looking at producing more than 50 sarees a day manual process is not a good idea.

Return On Investment (ROI)

At Vellaifabs we focus on Improving your profit margin by saving Operational cost. Our machines are designed to extract the maximum production from the energy Input. We strive our best to keep the Capital cost, Operational cost and Maintenance cost to the lowest possible so that your ROI is faster.

Ease Of Operation

Besides minimizing the operation cost, Safety, Ergonomics operation, Reliable construction, easily available spare parts and components supported by our Top-quality service backup will make you a winner in the Laundry Industry.

Our Experience To Your Advantage

Coming from more than 30 years of International Laundry Industry experience we had carefully designed and manufactured our equipment keeping the Capital investment to the lowest possible without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of the level of service you would need to provide to your clients. By choosing to work with us you would be way ahead of your competition.


We manufacture Saree roller from 30 sarees per hour Up to 100 sarees per hour Capacity. Heating Options available are Gas and Steam in all the Range.

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