Double Roll DUVET BUSTER Flat Work Ironer

Double Roll DUVET BUSTER Flat Work Ironer

Importance Of Flatwork Ironer

99% of the laundries does not have the luxury of having a standby flatwork ironer. So you know how much it is important choosing a quality and reliable flatwork ironer. Laundries always have a standby washer extractor or a standby Tumble dryer or a Pressing machine, But when it comes to Flatwork ironer they only have one machine.

Imagine break down of a flatwork ironer, which means complete stoppage of your output. The hotel or a hospital customer will not have bed sheets or pillow covers to replace. So they won’t be able to sell the room to next customer or admit the next patient in the hospital and it will backfire the Laundry Manager or the Laundry owner.

Be it the world best brand of any equipment or even a car, can any manufacturer guarantee that the equipment will not break down? Breakdown need not be a major one, even a minor breakdown will need to be sorted out immediately with in hours ..not days or weeks. We know customers wait for few days or even weeks when they choose a cheaper machine from some foreign countries for even a minor breakdown situation, which leads to long term business loss.

What have we done at Vellaifabs so special that the break down time is minimised? Coming from industrial laundry maintenance back ground we understand the pain points of the Laundry managers and Owners. Besides carefully designing and manufacturing the Machine ,we very much carefully select the Electrical and control components. The control components are the ones fail some times, hence the control components we use are best of the Brands available in the world and selected based on the wide availability. Means the control components are generic in nature and are available even in any second tier city. Since they are generic component you could even have the choice of various makes. When you choose Vellaifabs you don’t have to wait for the control component to be shipped from the factory. In case you wish to stock few parts we can suggest you the emergency kit and we are happy to ship it out to you.

We put our customers first, our aim is to achieve least break down. Even in case of a minor break down the up time is really short. We do not make our profit from selling parts, we make profit from your word of mouth and goodwill.

Return On Investment( ROI)

We focus on Improving your profit margin by saving Operational cost . Our machines are designed to extract the maximum production from the energy Input. We strive our best to keep the Capital cost, Operational cost and Maintenance cost to the lowest possible so that your ROI is faster.

Duvet Covers Challenge:

Ask any laundry Manger, ironing Duvet covers completely dry and to the best quality on both sides is nearly impossible. Our Double roll ironers does this magic providing best finish on both sides of the Duvet , while others can provide finish on one side of the duvet covers on Double roll Ironer. To experience our Double roll give us a call !!! Seeing is Believing.

Ease Of Operaion:

Besides minimizing the operation cost ,Safety, Ergonomic operation, Reliable construction, and Easily available spare parts and components supported by our Top quality service backup will make you a winner in the Laundry Industry.

Our Experience To Your Advantage:

Coming from almost 30 years of International Laundry Industry experience we had carefully designed and manufactured our equipment keeping the Capital investment to the lowest possible without compromising the quality. We understand the importance of the level of service you would need to provide to your clients. By choosing to work with us you would be way ahead of your competition.


We manufacture Flatwork Ironers from 300 mm Roll diameter Upto 800 mm Roll diameter. Ironing widths are ranging from 1500 mm to 3300 mm or more if you would like. Heating Options available are Gas and Steam in all the Range , Electrical heating in smaller roll diameters


We know your requirement is different from others , we are happy to accommodate your special needs into our equipment. Since we design and manufacture the equipment we can redesign the equipment to your specific needs , so you can get the maximum out of our equipment. Do not satisfy yourself with the standard equipment , let us know your specific requirement, we want you to have exactly what you need, not what we offer as a standard.

Features And Benifits

Our Roll heated ironer cylinders are made of Carbon steel Material which are the best heat conductor. Rolls are machined to perfection with smooth Grinding finish makes linen sliding between the roll and Polyster or Nomex Belts providing quality ironing .
Drive system is made of reduction Gearbox in combination with sufficiently powered VFD which helps in trouble free rotation for long life, eliminating the higher maintenance cost.
The Electrical components used are mainly of Schnider Brand .Saftey Fuses are introduced to protect various Electrical items. Most of the components we use are readily available in your local market , eliminating your dependence o us for the spare parts. For us, quick turnaround time of your equipment is our prime objective than making money out of your equipment breakdown situation.
Heating system is carefully designed to save each and every drop of heat energy input. May it be gas heating or steam heating or electric heating we apply the same concept. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Energy, any wastage is bad to mother Earth. We try to be as much responsible as possible in saving energy.